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What Coaches Are Saying About Pressbox
January 27, 2012

The word is spreading fast about all of the great benefits Pressbox offers coaches and fans.  Check out what these coaches had to say about Pressbox…

  “We used Pressbox Services this year, and it was very beneficial to our program. Once our students learned how to work it, we were off and running. I can go to our webpage and see our team stats and individual player stats. There was always [a Pressbox representative] on call if I had any questions. They would walk me through everything.  My family could watch the games on the computer and that was awesome. We will use it again next year. In my opinion, it is one of the best stat programs out today.”

Coach Lee Yeager (Baseball Coach, Corpus Christi Carroll, 2011)

“Pressbox was a terrific tool that we could use with ease all season long.  It made our coaches’ jobs a lot easier because it was simple to enter our games and the stats were done automatically.  On top of that the stats were available online immediately for all of our coaches to utilize. In a time where everyone is worried about money and budgets are being cut, Pressbox really saved us.  It was immediately available through THSCA and didn't cost our program anything.  It is great that such a good program is available without worrying about the cost. I would recommend Pressbox to any coach without hesitation.

” Coach Ryan Burns (Baseball Coach, Austin Anderson, 2011)

 “The staff [at Pressbox] is very easy to work with and always has a great attitude and gets things fixed if needed.  The service [they] provide is very easy to learn and helps out with overall organization of stats for both players and team.”

 Coach Cory Beckham (Baseball Coach, West High School, 2011)

“I used Pressbox services from my iPod Touch. The games are easy to enter and stats can be generated very quickly. Using Pressbox Services makes keeping stats quick and easy. It's a great tool for all baseball coaches! The support team for Pressbox was also very quick and helpful if questions came about!” Coach Russell Krenek (Baseball Coach and Statistician, El Campo, 2011)

“We have been using Pressbox Services in football and baseball. The programs are excellent and the Pressbox customer support has been great. The assistance has been great and the response time is amazing considering it is a free program. You will be happy with the program and the customer support.” Coach Bart Bratcher (Baseball and Football Coach and Statistician, Round Rock Westwood, 2011)

“Pressbox Services made some great improvements this past year and is more user-friendly than ever. We entered our stats after each game this year and it was very easy to do. Next year we would like to try the live scoring application. The more coaches that use Pressbox, the better the tool becomes. It would be great to have all the schools input their stats so we had the best database on the internet.”

Coach Chris Dudley (Football Coach, Katy Cinco Ranch, 2010)

“Pressbox Services is a great tool for coaches. Our parents & fans were able to keep up with the Bearcats even when they couldn't make it to the games.”

Coach Tim Buchanan (Football Coach, Aledo, 4A State Champions 2009, 2010, 2011)

“Pressbox has been a great addition to the Garland Owl Football Program! It gives us a quick, easy way to update our own statistics and information and to keep track of what is happening around the state. Pressbox is a win-win situation for coaches, players and fans!”

Coach Jeff Jordan (Football Coach, Garland, 2010)

"Pressbox is an outstanding, safe and secure service that is easy to use and reliable."

 Coach Umana Essien (Football Coach and statistician, Cypress Creek, 2010)

 “I found Pressbox very useful in managing our team statistics this year. It proved to be user friendly and ended up being a time-saving tool. I encourage all coaches to give it a try.”

Coach Mike Paul (Football Coach, Fort Bend Travis, 2010)

"I really enjoy how the baseball program in Pressbox works for us. I like to say it's ‘idiot proof’! If you can keep a baseball scorebook, everything else falls into place. I don't have to go back through the book and do stats. The program does it for me as it happens. It saves us a lot of time totaling everything. My parents are also looking forward to tracking us in real-time this year when we're out of town. The cherry on top of this sundae is that you can't beat the price!" 

Coach Dorman Pryor (Baseball Coach, Dallas Sunset, 2010)

 "Pressbox Services' scoring application is an easy way to keep the statistics for the season and to see what your opponents are doing as well. It's just easy-to-use; it's a great program, better than doing it all by hand."

Coach Brent Gillum (Football Statistician, Euless Trinity, 5A State Champions 2009)

 "Pressbox Services and the Football Scoring Application make keeping up with stats easier on the entire coaching staff (Offensive, Defensive, special teams, and everyone). It is a great way for fans and scouts to keep up with players. Also, for fans who can't make it to the away games, they can watch the games live online."

Coach Shannon Sullivan (Football Statistician, Cedar Hill, 2009)

"Sam [Sport Writer, Abilene Reporter-News] partnered with one of our parents, Tim Crowe to do the stats play by play.  It worked out very well for all of us."

Coach Steve Warren (Football Coach, Abilene, 5A State Champions 2009) on using his newspaper contact to keep stats with Pressbox for his team  

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